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Survey Compare
Survey Compare

The Real Reason Survey Sites Are Offering Cash Rewards For Canadians' Opinions

Paid online surveys are a game-changer for those born between 1941-1981

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Earn Across Canada With Survey Compare

Want to get paid for your opinions?

Big companies in Canada are desperate to hear your opinion — and they’re willing to fork out big bucks for it.

Market research is booming globally, with the industry currently valued at a massive $80 billion.1

Top brands are overloaded with feedback from 18-25 year olds. That’s why they're offering big rewards for people aged between 35-75.

Survey Compare is a free comparison tool that finds the best-paying and most-trusted survey sites online. It's easy to sign up, and you can choose to sign up to as many surveys as you like!

3 quick & easy steps:

  1. Click on your year of birth button below.
  2. Sign up for free today.
  3. Complete surveys online & earn up to $10 per survey!

How can I make $10 per survey?

By signing up to Survey Compare, you'll instantly gain access to the most-trusted, highest-paid surveys online.

Survey companies are offering cash rewards, points, vouchers, gift cards, and even air miles, in exchange for your opinion.

Some companies will even pay you just for signing up!

The amount you'll earn per survey depends on the type of survey you complete. Some surveys are worth more than others. That's why it's really important to sign up to multiple survey sites to make sure you're getting the best value for your time.

Why are big brands paying so much for feedback?

Teenagers have been using survey sites to make money for years. But this age demographic doesn't represent the majority of Canadian consumers.

That's why top companies want to hear from those aged between 35-75.

Without your opinion, these big brands wouldn't know what their customers really want.

Companies like PayPal, Amazon, HomeSense, Banana Republic, Chapters Indigo, and Cineplex are willing to pay big money to hear the opinions of 35+ Canadians on their their products, designs, and services.